Charter Buses Rental NYC- Exploring Downtown New York City

Sure you may be familiar with all the famous landmarks that the city of New York has to offer, but you might find it amazing that the city has gems or treasures tucked away in the Big Apple’s downtown area. You and your friends, being the urban explorers that you are, should definitely visit the place to discover and experience a different side of this diverse city. Now, in order for you and your crew to be able to check out the different tourist destinations in NYC’s downtown, you need the expert assistance of one of the best companies that offer charter buses rental. NYC is surely filled with service providers that would gladly cater to your entireroad trip and /or travel needs without having to spend so much of your hard earned money.

What Can Your Trip On Board a Charter Bus Do For You

A lot of people think that traveling via a charter bus, to any place in the country, does not offer a lot of benefits. As a matter of fact, they would rather take a different route in terms of transportation and opt to take the plane to the city instead. But should you decide to acquire the services of one of the best charter buses rental, New York can provide, you will soon realize that there is more to it than just renting a large vehicle.

  1. Chartering a bus will bring your group closer. Since you will be spending hours inside a large bus, you will have every opportunity to bond and catch up on each others’ lives. You can play games, start never ending conversations, watch movies, sing songs or take lots of pictures. You will not spend a single second behind the wheel because the company will be providing you with a licensed and certified driver to take care of that job for you.
  2. Chartering a bus saves you time and money. If you have experienced spending hours on the phone or online just to get a hold of a representative to book your trip for you or to find that right travel package, then it is time for you to let all those unfortunate thoughts go. Chartering a bus will ensure that you will only need to go online for a few minutes, log on to the company’s site and book the travel package that you want and you are all done. The rates are also extremely affordable!
  3. Chartering a bus will ensure your safety. Charter buses are known to be the safest land transportation in the country, which means that you can relax while you are on the road. The buses are new and well maintained to avoid accidents and other mishaps.

Best Places in Downtown NYC to Check Out

  1. Museum at Elridge Street
  2. Cafecito
  3. B Cup Cafe
  4. The Public Theatre
  5. Economy Candy
  6. Lanza Restaurant
  7. Classic Stage Company
  8. Doughnut Plant
  9. Russ and Daughter’s
  10. Kossar’s Bialys

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