Main Steps You Should Take When Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Every kitchen makeover needs a good plan and even better contractors for the job. But sometimes you might hire somebody that doesn’t have the necessary experience or credentials to do a complete kitchen remodeling. So before you hire one of the Atlanta kitchen remodeling contractors here are a few tips about the selection criteria.

The first step is asking your neighbors, friends or relatives for referrals about some kitchen remodeling contractors. Inquire about the projects the contractors made in their houses and if they were satisfied with the results. Also ask about how the contractor handled the problems that appeared during the project and whether they would use him or her again for other jobs.

When dealing with kitchen remodeling contractors you should carefully look at their credentials. A good idea is to perform a preliminary research on the internet of through the telephone. Find out if the contractors have license from the local municipalities and the state as well as designations from any professional associations like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) or the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB). Any serious and respectful contractor should have passed rigorous tests to get a certain certification. However, you should know that not all certifications are the same. Some courses are more complex than others, so you should look for the specific certification of the contractor that matches with your project.

You should also set up meetings with the contractors you want to hire. You can interview as many professional workers as you need until you’re completely satisfied that he or she meets your demands. Nevertheless, three people to interview are more than enough, because if you see more and you know their quotes it becomes too confusing when deciding. Before interviewing you must set up a list of questions to ask your potential contractor. If you’re out of ideas you can do an on-line research where you’ll find websites that will give you useful information regarding this matter.

Communication goes both ways. Therefore it is important to listen to what the contractor has to say, but it’s just as important for him to be open for suggestions. Trust is also essential because you need a builder who does his job well and doesn’t leave with your tools or appliances once the work is finished.

You should ask to see some of the contractor’s projects in order to get the big picture about his work style. Don’t forget to get everything in writing and carefully read the paperwork your contractor gives you. Make sure that the contract includes a payment schedule, a bid price, a site plan, the scope of work, a change-order clause, an express limited warranty, a sequential schedule of primary construction tasks, a written procedural list for close-out, a clause about dispute resolution and a waiver of lien. The last one is very important because it prevents suppliers and subcontractors from putting a lien on a property should they invoices are not paid by the contractor. If all of this is stipulated in the written agreement then there’s nothing to worry about and you can confidently sign on the dotted line.

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